April 12, 2011

Tamil Nadu - The State of FM Radio Stations

It is important to understand the demographics of Tamil Nadu to have a focused view of FM radio market in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu has 31 districts with a total population of 62.4 million. Literacy rate is the highest in the country, with a recorded rate of 62.66 per cent and with 99 per cent of the population having access to primary education. And on the media front too, the state has shown unprecedented growth and development compared to other states in the country. Tamil Nadu has 73 per cent of C&S penetration, which is the highest. The high rate of literacy in Tamil Nadu is amply justified by Daily Thanthi occupying an exalted 5th position in the country amongst all dailies across all languages. Tamil Nadu has 54 Daily News papers & magazines, 20 Cable & satellite (C&S) Channels, and 1279 cinema theatres.

Today Tamil Nadu plays host to two dozen FM radio stations. The state capital Chennai alone has 10 FM radio stations. As per NRS report, Tamil Nadu has the highest penetration of radio, in the country. Both rural and urban market put together has 46 per cent radio listenership across the state. This high ratio of radio penetration should not be surprising, to radio analysts, since Tamil Nadu is the only state which was uninterruptedly exposed to FM radio for decades unlike other states of India, because of its proximity to Sri Lanka, where FM radio is a matured industry. It follows that the broadcast waves are reaching Indian territory as well owing to the proximity of the two nations.

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