July 28, 2014

January 17, 2014

Radio Stations in Chennai

Radio City - 91.1
Fever FM - 91.9
Big FM - 92.7
Suriyan FM - 93.5
Radio One - 94.3
Radio Mirchi - 98.3
Vividh Bharati - 100.5
FM Rainbow - 101.4
FM Gold - 102.3
Chennai Live - 104.8
Hello FM - 106.4

Chennai is one of the cities in India with a huge radio audience. Chennai is known as 'City of Radio Stations'.

November 29, 2011

Easy way to shutdown a Mac

Hi all here is an easy and quick way to shutdown your mac. Cmd + Opt + Esc - Opens up the Force Quit Drag the select all the apps except the finder and force quit. After quitting all the apps shutdown your mac. By this way you can shutdown the mac faster!

October 17, 2011

Advantages of listening to Radio

  1. Radio is the only means of media which covers a huge range of audience from the slums to the most expensive car.
  2. Radio represents the slang and culture of the city or town from which it is broadcast-ed and when travelling for a long distance you know to which city you're near to, while listening to radio.
  3. Radio gives you the updates of city traffic, news, weather forecast, time, events and even it can give information when you're in a natural disaster.
  4. Radio is an infotainment which provides information and entertainment with songs in stereo.
  5. Radio is a good friend when you're travelling or walking on the road and it is the best companion when you're alone.
  6. Radio stations shuffle the songs and play a wide range the songs according to the mood of the people and the climate of the city, for example peppy songs at the morning, slow songs at the noon and romantic songs at the night.
  7. Once you turn on the radio you can forget about the playlist, changing songs, no headache.
  8. You can work while listening to radio but not with other media gadgets.
  9. Radio consumes very less power when compared to television and its available in the air for free of cost.
  10. Radio is like our life, well we really don't know what's gonna happen in the next moment its unpredictable likewise we don't know which song is gonna come next.
Thanks for reading it, I've got a lot of silly and funny points regarding radio and finally cut short to ten. I think after reading this many people will start listening to radio.
Now, I'm at Chennai and enjoying the Radio Stations in the city.
Turn up the radio, Blast the stereo, Right!