March 05, 2011

Test your Fears

Write down your fears to improve yourself!    

     The journal science suggests a simple, yet effective method to combat test anxiety and improve performance. Just write down your thoughts and fears 10 minutes before the test.

     Researches asked 20 college students to take two maths tests. Before the first test, they were asked to do their best. Before the second, they were told that they could receive a monetary reward if they got a good grade. Half of the students were also given 10 minutes to write down their feelings about the test, while the other group sat quietly during that time.

     Students who sat quietly did 12 percent worse than they had on the pre-test, but the writing group improved their scores by 5 percent. They repeated the experiment with three groups of college students: the first group wrote about their test-related fears, the second sat quietly, and the third group was asked to write about any topic unrelated to the test. While the group that wrote about their fears improved their scores by 4 percent, the other two groups saw their scores fall by 7 percent.

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