February 26, 2011

Right Brainer Facts

Half of the population is right-brained.

Musicians are often Right-Brains - ablestock.com

How can you tell if you are a right brain? It is not difficult to determine. Learn the characteristics of the right brain.

Rights Perception

The perception of the word "World" by rights.

How Rights Learn

Rights think and learn in visual, kinesthetic and audio images. They don't memorize well and need to visualize a picture so they can recall the facts. Abstract math is often not brain compatible. Their thoughts are frequently in code and they may have bizarre images in night dreams leaving them confused as to what they mean.

When right brains talk to you, they look at you while listening and look away to the left when answering a question. This is a brain shift from one side to another. This is not a sign of fabrication. They are listening with one side and now switch over for the response. They are not creating an answer in an attempt to deceive.

See The Big Picture

Right brains don't like to jump through the hoops to get something done. They also don't like to follow rules which don't make sense to them. They see the big picture quickly and what you are asking them to do in steps doesn't seem necessary because they are at the end of the process already.

Right brains are non-judgmental and often have no opinion on many topics. They can see both sides and are often seen as wishy washy or lacking values. They see the whole person and are less likely to condemn a person because of a flaw. They often have an interesting group of friends.

Word Association

On a spelling test, a right brain hears the word "dog." Their mind wanders to the thought of the neighbor's dog which barked most of the night, that reminds them of the fact that the neighbors are in the Bahamas, which takes them to an island with palm trees and sandy beaches, which reminds them that they need a bathing suit for this weekend, which reminds them that they will need to take spending money... Teacher says, "Word #7 is house." Student raises hand and asks what word #6 was. They've checked out for a while.

Rights Are Misunderstood

Right brains don't explain what they feel well and are misunderstood. They think of one thing, say another because their brain has already moved on to another thought. Unfortunately, their mouth is still moving. Rights often don't realize they have done so. The result is that they don't realize what they said and may even deny saying it or argue they said something else. Because they know what they "intended" to say, they are confused when individuals state otherwise.

Right Brain Traits

Right brains are honored in eastern cultures more than western. They are seen as less smart because of the manner in which they process information. Rights don't go from Point A to Point B. Right brains don't like to listen to directions and don't like to read them. They scan quickly and figure out what to do without reading details. Reading directions carefully is a detailed activity for the left-brain.

Rights Careers

Rights select careers as:

Rights are trusting--too trusting. They easily have patents and ideas stolen from them, usually to a left. Lefts know how to use an idea. They just can't come up with them on their own.

Speech and Music

Rock and Roll music is preferred by rights. They are also easily distracted by music. Baroque music is soothing for a right. Music by Yanni, Enya, and Mozart are good for right brain waves. Their speaking voice may have a singing quality and their faces may be quite animated when talking. They often use their hands when they speak and may have difficulty speaking if they are not allowed to use their hands. Right brained teachers often move around the room while speaking and leave standing still behind the podium for the left brains.

Rights as Teachers

As teachers, right brains are non-evaluative. They don't like giving grades and would rather see people just show them results. Their teaching style reflects their own learning style so they use:
educational games,
elicit action from students,
demonstrations, and
That's how they learn, so that's how they teach.

New Ideas

Right brains embrace new ideas. They are future thinkers and enjoy introducing controversial ideas. They believe that everything is possible, tend to be very creative, and don't see the pitfalls along the way. They leave those little details to the lefts.

It is obvious that lefts and rights need to team up and work together. One side completes the other.

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